Sea Otter vs River Otter / Sea Otter

Sea Otter vs River Otter

Sea Otter vs River Otter are both members of the mustelid family but they have several key differences in terms of habitat behavior physical characteristics and ecological roles: Sea Otter vs River Otter Habitat: Sea Otters: Sea otters are marine mammals and are exclusively found in coastal environments primarily along the coastlines of the North … Read more

Dolphin Fish / Winter the Dolphin

Dolphin Fish

Mahi-mahi (Coryphaena hippurus): This is the fish that is commonly referred to as “dolphin fish” in some regions especially in the United States. However it’s important to note that mahi-mahi is not related to dolphins at all; it’s a type of fish known for its vibrant colors fast growth rate and popular status among anglers. … Read more

Odd Sharks: How Many Bones Do Sharks Have

Odd Sharks

The odd sharks. In the depths of the world’s oceans a realm of mystery and wonder unfolds where nature’s creativity has shaped some of the most remarkable and peculiar creatures. Among these inhabitants a group stands out for their extraordinary features and adaptations:  odd sharks Goblin Shark: The goblin shark is known for its unique … Read more