Black Wolf Dog

Black Wolf Dog

A “black wolf dog” typically refers to a dog breed or hybrid that visually resembles a black wolf either in color or physical characteristics. It’s important to clarify that “black wolf dog” is not a recognized or specific breed rather it’s a descriptive term. black wolf dog In the context of domestic dogs some breeds or … Read more

King Vulture / Bearded Vulture

King Vulture

The bird species known as the “king vulture” is distinguished by its remarkable appearance and distinctive traits. Now let’s get into the specifics: King Vulture Physical Appearance: King vultures are huge birds measuring 5.5 to 6 feet (1.7 to 1.8 meters) in wingspan.They have a distinctive appearance with predominantly white plumage often featuring a mix … Read more

Eclectus parrot: how long does a parrot live

Eclectus parrot

Certainly! The magnificent and colourful eclectus parrot is a resident of the Solomon Islands New Guinea and surrounding areas. The males and females of these parrots display strong sexual dimorphism and they look very differently from one another. eclectus parrot Male Eclectus parrots have bright green plumage a distinct yellow-orange beak and a red patch … Read more